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Prepare for Rain Book

by Dr. Michael Catt
Follow the story of Pastor Michael Catt and his congregation as the Lord changes a "typical Southern Baptist church" into a ministry center that reaches thousands and has even challenged the Hollywood establishment with the locally produced, nationally syndicated movie, Facing the Giants.

"Does God still do the impossible when we trust Him and seek only to glorify Him? Yes! The exciting story of one such church is in this book, and the best thing is that it's not an "exclusive". It can happen wherever God's people exalt Jesus Christ, work together and step out by faith to follow the vision God gives them."

Warren W. Wiersbe

“I love people with a global vision. Monuments are not erected to pessimists. Michael Catt is a visionary. Facing the Giants is a success because a leader allowed those around him to be creative. Michael is “giver” not a “taker.” The remarkable success of this movie is not a surprise to me. It is just Michael Catt being Michael Catt! The story of Facing the Giants will bless and thrill you. Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany is a special place. After you read the book, go visit the church. It is a church filled with GIANTS for God!” 

Roger Breland
Executive Director and Dean, Center for Performing Arts
University of Mobile
Founder of TRUTH


“I am still amazed at the movies Flywheel and Facing the Giants. They are like “the little engine that could.” Michael Catt took the impossible and let it be HIM-possible. I remember him saying that in a meeting one time, and now that statement is being lived out in front of all of our eyes. I am so excited that these movies and their stories are being published for the masses. Hooray for the dreamers that do not listen to the voice that says, “It can’t be done.” Congrats Michael, Alex and Sherwood for stepping out and doing the HIM-possible!”


Mark Harris
Contemporary Christian Artist and Songwriter


“Vision, courage, creativity, excellence and faith are rarely combined in great quantities in a church. At Sherwood Baptist Church, under the inspired and gifted leadership of Michael Catt, we have seen this unique combination of qualities develop an unheard of expression of church ministry—the production and introduction of an excellent motion picture which captured the heart of our nation. This significant production unashamedly challenged viewers to integrity, perseverance, character and ultimately to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Jimmy Draper
President Emeritus LifeWay Christian Resources


“Like Moses and Israel, Michael Catt and the people of Sherwood Baptist are inextricably bound together, experiencing the blessing of God and supernaturally accomplishing more than is naturally possible. Theirs is a remarkable marriage of vision and faith; a humble reminder of what every church can be by the grace of God.”

Tom Elliff
Senior Vice President
International Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention


Price:$9.95 (USD)