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Fireproof Your Life

       Through centuries of forest fires, the great sequoia stand unscathed.
Michael Catt shows how, like the sequoia, we can stand strong through
the firey trials that inevitably come our way.
       Using illustrations from his own life and from the movie, FIREPROOF,
Catt discusses practical issues such as temptation, marriage and finances,
helping us build a faith that resists our corrosive culture. Rather than succumb
to pressure of circumstances, we can stand tall and face our challenges
in Christ's power.
      "Michael Catt has a message for all of us to read! Read it and you'll be
encouraged in God to face the tumultous spiritual time we live in.
This book will bless your life!"
                                                                 Pastor Jim Cymbala
                                                                 The Brooklyn Tabernacle

Price:$12.99 (USD)