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The Power of Desperation Breakthroughs in Our Brokenness

Does it feel like you're barely hanging on?  Hang in there. In seasons of brokenness, God has a graceful way of not tossing us aside but making us whole again, turning our most desperate situations into defining moments. It happens throughout the Bible, and maybe it's happening to you or someone close right now.
Michael Catt, a pastor whose church launched the international hit films Facing the Giants and Fireproof , has found simple yet saving wisdom in The Power of Desperation, another breakthrough concept worthy of widespread application.
"When we are weak, He is strong. In the darkest hour, He shines the brightest. In the pit, we find the bottom is solid ground," Catt writes at the outset of a soul-stirring journey through his and other people's hard times and renewed hopes.
Keep reading to find yourself in these engaging, remarkable stories, to realize you are never alone, and to know the Lord more intimately. Discover the power of desperation.
"No matter what your difficulties may be today, there's an encouraging word for you in these pages. Open the book, open your heart, and start moving toward victory." 
 -Warren Wiersbe
 author of the the BE series of Bible studies
This book has a solid backbone and a tender heart, exactly what we need when things are falling apart around us. These chapters are biblical and practical but not preachy. No matter what your difficulties may be today, there's an encouraging word for you in these pages. Open the book, open your heart, and start moving toward victory.
      -Warren Wiersbe
       Former pastor, The Moody Church
       Author of the BE series of Bible studies
In these pages Michael Catt skillfully immortalizes the obvious. We often accept the obvious without struggle, resistance, or understanding, thus we seldom find victory with it. For many there is just no way out. With these pages Michael indelibly etches in our hearts the stark reality  of desperation that each of us encounter in our lifetimes and points the way to victory. This book is the road map to overcome attacks of desperation in our lives.
     - Dr. James T. Draper, Jr.
      President Emeritus, Life Way Christian Resources
In the day when things seem so very desperate and flawed, Michael Catt reminds us that God also loves very desperate and flawed people.
     -Dr. John D. Hull
     President and CEO, EQUIP
It's counterintuitive that wholeness comes from brokenness. Healing comes from admitting your desperate need. Want to experience life on a higher level? Then get lower. Michael Catt delivers a powerful message of God's transforming work in the heart of a Christian in the wilderness. Want to get to the other side of the crisis that you are facing? Don't try to avoid it or escape it; go through it with God. This is a great encouragement for every believer in Jesus Christ.
     -James MacDonald
      Pastor, Harvest Bible Church, Chicago
When our heart's desperation exceeds the desperate condition in which we live...revival is imminent. There is a redemptive quality in desperation, when we humbly and wholly surrender to God,allowing Him to draw ourselves to Himself and to conform us to the image of the great Reviver, Jesus Christ. Michael Catt amazingly and transparently unveils another paradoxical principle of the Christian life, which may very well be a pathway to the great awakening.
     - Byron Paulus
      President, Life Action Ministries
Michael Catt pulls no punches. He gets down to the root of the powerless church: we are not desperate for God, and we are not broken over sin. This message desperately needed and will resonate deeply with every heart that is hungry for God and for revival. A powerful call to true, biblical Christianity.
     - Nancy Leigh DeMoss
      Best-selling author, Revive Our Hearts radio host

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