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Class Description - 11:00 a.m.

11:00 a.m.    SUNDAY SCHOOL
Classes For The Senior Adult
Builder Generation (Ages 55+)

Abigail  -    Ladies (50's -  Mid 60's)
Meets in Room F-1    
Led by: Janie Martin     
Abigail was a woman of wisdom and discernment. If you are a lady seeking to increase in wisdom and discernment through the study of God's Word so that you can accomplish every good work God has planned for you, this is your class.


Classes For The Median Adult
Boomer Generation (40's & 50's)

Barnabas  -  Couples (Early 40's - Mid 40's)
Meets in Room F-2
Led by: Mike Harrison     
Couples looking for strong relationships with other couples can find a home in the Harrison class. The study of God's Word is vital to all, and strives to explore the truth of God's Word, learning how it applies to everyday situations. If you are looking for an informal group dedicated to Christ and each other, this is the class for you.

The Living Word  -  Couples (50's)
Meets in Room W-8 (Orchestra Room)
Led by: Lonnie Mathis      
The Mathis class is composed of Boomers who have a passion for God's Word and each other. The class strives to live out Acts chapter 2 in the lives of its members through study of the scripture, caring
for one another, encouraging each other in good works, and sharing true fellowship. All are welcome, so come add to our fellowship.

Faithseekers - Couples (50’s - 60’s)
Meets in W-1 (Crown Room)
Led by: Bill Douglas/Rodgers Winters      
Making disciples in fulfillment of the Great Commission is the primary focus of this class. The Douglas/Winters class reaches out to all who desire to know more about God. Christian growth evidenced by class members serving, sharing and learning God’s Word is the goal for every member.
Connections  -  Couples (30's - 40's)
Meets in Room F-11
Led by: Kent Smith      
The church is a family and the Connections class is a wonderful beginning to become fully connected with God's family at Sherwood. If you want relevant teaching, ministry opportunities and strong, lasting friendships this is the class for you.
The Journey  -   (30's - 40's)
Meets in Room Room W-3 (Chapel)
Led by: Todd Smith / Tim Thomas     
A small group bible study time that desires that you be enriched, enlightened, and edified in this class.

Classes For The Young Adult 
Generation (Ages 20's, 30's & 40's)
New2gether   -   Couples (20's)
Meets in Room ROC-102
Led by: Matt Sheets 
Couples who are engaged or recently married can find the transition from single to married life challenging. Together with God's Word the New2gether Class helps couples build a foundation for marriage, as well as friendships, to last a lifetime. If you are newly engaged or married, come plug in with us.

New Beginnings   -   Couples (20's)
Meets in Room F-8
Led by: Chad Warbington
The New Beginnings class is the perfect place for couples who are young married's in the process of starting their families.    This class will help you to build a firm foundation for you and your children through biblical prinicples.  It will offer opportunities for family group activities as well as special activities geared to just the men and women.  Come and be a part of forming lasting friendships as we study God's Word.
Daughters of the King  -  Ladies (30's +)
Meets in Room F-3
Led by: Gema Bass
The Daughters of the King class reaches out to ladies who desire a class where being the woman god has created you to be is the focus of the class. Scripture is the measuring stick applied to each class member and opportunities for fellowship, support, and ministry are provided and encouraged. This class is for any woman who may not feel at home in a couples or a singles class.
Roundtable  -  Couples (40's - 50's)
Meets In the ROC/Gym
Led by: Reggie Mobley      
The Roundtable class seeks to provide a loving atmosphere for all those who come and minister to the entire family of its members. The class centers on strong Biblical teaching and interaction is encouraged. Fellowship and mission opportunities are provided and personal ministry is encouraged.

Fellowship  Couples (30 something)
Meets in Room F-10
Led by: Edna Clark      
Fellowship in the Greek means “living life together”. The Fellowship Class is for anyone wanting to find true fellowship critical to Christian discipleship.  We desire to grow and serve our Lord with all of those who are “living life” with us.
New Horizons  -  Couples (Mid 20's  Early 30's)
Meets in Room F-6 (Ron Dunn)
Led by: Reid Mathis
Young couples face new horizons continually during their first few years of marriage as they adjust to marriage, careers, and then to children. If you are a couple who desires to find a fellowship of friends to help make these adjustments anchored in Christ and His Word, come and join us in the New Horizons class. The New Horizons class offers opportunities for spiritual growth through the study of God's Word, building friendships through men's and ladies' nights out, play groups, class socials, and Christian accountability.  

Harvest  -  Couples (30's - 40's)
Meets in Room FC-23
Led by: Ben Proctor      
Sunday School is the primary place where a large church becomes a family. Come join us as we reach out to those around us with the love of Christ, care for those the Lord brings in and seek to multiply Jesus in the lives of others through discipleship. 

Cornerstone  -  Couples (30's - 40's)
Meets in The Loft
Led by: Mark Glow / Todd Stone      
The Cornerstone class is comprised of couples who desire to have Christ as the chief cornerstone in each of their lives to hold them firmly in the storms of life. The study of God's Word is creative, fun, and challenging. Opportunities for fellowship, outreach, and ministry are a vital part of the class.
Seekers  -  Couples (30's -  40's) 
Meets in FC-22
Led by:  Ryan Dunnagan / David Cromie   
Jesus encouraged His followers to seek first My Father's Kingdom and His righteousness.  As a class, we are seeking to learn how to be disciples of Jesus who seek Him passionately.  We believe that understanding God's Word is central to our obedience in this endeavor.  Therefore, our class time is filled with verse by verse exposition and practical challenges to seek God's purpose and plan for each of our families.  We are striving to equip our members for living in exciting but difficult days in our nation that Jesus may shine through our lives daily. 
Fitness - Couples (30's)
Meets in Room W-7 (Choir Room)
Led by: Jason Miller      
Focus on God, Integrity in Living, and Training for Godliness
The goal of the FITness class is to find God's will in day to day living, and grow in our relationship to Christ, reach out to those who do not yet know Him,  and build life long friendships with fellow believers.+
Disciple Makers - Couples (30’s – 40’s)
Meets in F-12 
Led by: Ted Clem/Jim Perry

Classes For The Single Adult
N'Fuzion  -  For Single Men and Women  (Age 26 +)     Meets in Room: H-22
Led by: Julian Maddox     
N'Fuzion is a place for adults... who are single. Anyone who wants to become a devoted follower of Jesus Christ is welcomed. The mission of N'Fuzion is to equip single adults for healthy spiritual growth through discipleship, fellowship, prayer, worship, and witnessing.  Our focus is to reach singles in Southwest Georgia with the life-changing gospel of Jesus, to disciple those with changed lives in order that the world might be reached before the soon return of Jesus Christ.  

College Ministry
Led by: Brian & Dee Kelley, Ryan & Stephanie Bennett,
Frank & Ashley Griffin, Tiffany Bailey, & Patrick Millsaps
For College Students                                             Meets in Fellowship Hall
The College Ministry is designed to help college-aged young adults to continue to grow in their faith through the study of the Word of God.
Career Class (for ages 21-26)                               Meets in Fellowship Hall
Young people who have graduated college and are in the process of building a career can find it difficult to find a place in the singles group and they have little in common with those still in college. The Career Class is the perfect place for young singles to have their faith challenged during this vital stage of life and not only grow in their career, but in their life mission as well.