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First Step

First Step Class is held on the first Sunday of every month. 

What should you do if your child is beginning to ask questions about salvation and baptism or your child has indicated that he/she has made a profession of faith? You should sign up for our First Step class for parents and kids. This class doesn't automatically say your child is ready for baptism but it is a required step before your child is able to be registered for baptism. First Step is a one week class scheduled during the SUNDAY SCHOOL Hour on the dates listed above.  

We now require a parallel parent class for parents or guardians of kids who are seeking baptism. Registering your child for this class assumes that a parent will be present for the parent class. If you cannot attend the dates above, please call our offices to set up a possible alternate time.

Parents will be given the tools needed to walk their children through this most important step in their lives. Topics that will be discussed will include: How to know when your child is ready for baptism; Signs that your child might not be ready; The A, B, C's of leading your child to Christ; and more.

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At-Home Discussion Guide

Please call Kristin Crosby at 883-1910, ext. 1326
or email at
for more information