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Garrett Grubbs - Associate Pastor | Students

  Garrett Grubbs
     Associate Pastor | Students

     229.883.1910 x1220

   Ministry Assistant: Karen Jorgensen
   Follow me on Twitter: @garrettgrubbs
My favorite character in the Bible is:
My life verse is:
Proverbs 27:19

Nobody knows that I:
I'm not telling..
I'm happiest when:
I feel like I'm walking in obedience.
The one book (besides the Bible) I'd recommend to anyone is:
A Call to Die by David Nasser
My last meal would be:
Fried chicken
I'm most excited about:
Right now my baby boy, Caleb.
My trademark expression is:
“I will slap you!"
The team I root for most is:
The Florida Gators
My proudest moment is:
Walking down the road with my beautiful wife and my new baby boy.
If I could, I’d:
Choose not to fill this out.
The one blog I read regularly is:
Matt Chandler's Dwell Deep
I could eat:
Ice Cream

My perfect day would be:
Being reunited with all of my kids.
My favorite childhood memory is:
Me and my three brothers packed in a small car going on a road trip with my parents out West for two weeks. It smelled really bad, but it was a lot of fun.
In my free time, I:
Run, play disc golf, golf, fish, hunt, and hang with my wife
My favorite TV shows are:
Whatever is on Channel 15 (The Sherwood Channel)
If I could do it over again, I:
Would have gotten saved earlier in life.