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David Joiner - Associate Pastor | Preschool & Children

   David Joiner
     Associate Pastor | Preschool & Children
     229.883.1910 x1320
  Ministry Assistant: Kristin Oliver
  Follow me on Twitter: @DavidJoiner

My favorite character in the Bible is:
David (a man after God's own heart) and Joshua (a leader of leaders)
My life verse is:
Galatians 2:20
If I could ask God one question it would be:
For real… What are the purposes of cockroaches?
Nobody knows that I:
Am a great baseball payer, golfer, and football player (in my mind)
I'm happiest when:
I am right in the center of God's will… hopefully that includes being with my wife and daughter
The one book (besides the Bible) I'd recommend to anyone is:
Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions by George Barna
My last meal would be:
Anything my wife cooks… Probably Chicken Pot Pie
I'm most excited about:
The great adventure of life that God has planned for me from my relationship with Him, to my relationship with my wife, to my daughter and maybe more kids, to the ministry He has entrusted to me.
The team I root for most is:
Baseball: Atlanta Braves, College Football: Georgia Tech
My proudest moment is:
The day my daughter was born
What’s on my iPod:
The better question would be where is my ipod… It was stolen recently. What used to be on it was a wide variety of 80's Ballads to kid's worship music to lullabys for my daughter. Also I have a lot of sermons on it.
If I could, I’d:
Take my wife to Italy
The one blog I read regularly is:
I could eat:
Salt & Vinegar Pringles chips
My perfect day would be:
All day at the beach or lake on a boat with my family, wrapped up with a moonlight dinner cruise with my wife
My pet peeve is:
Smacking while eating (I probably do it myself)
My favorite childhood memory is:
Watching the Braves at home after dinner with my family
In my free time, I:
Stay at home or play golf
My favorite TV shows are:
Law and Order; CSI, The Cosby Show, Sports Center, any ballgame or golf match.
If I could do it over again, I:
Would have finished my seminary