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Michael Catt - Senior Pastor

  Dr. Michael Catt
     Senior Pastor
     229.883.1910 x1200
   Executive Assistant: Debbie Toole
   Research Assistant: Stephanie Bennett
My favorite character in the Bible is:
My life verse is:
"For what we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake." 2 Corinthians 4:5
If I could ask God one question it would be:
When I see Him, all of my questions will be answered. But if I could ask one, I would ask, "Knowing me the way that You do, how could You have blessed me so much?"
Nobody knows that I:
Like Romantic Comedies
I'm happiest when:
I'm giving - to family, to friends, even to strangers.
The one book (besides the Bible) I'd recommend to anyone is:
Can't say that I have just one, but probably The Calvary Road by Roy Hession.
My last meal would be:
A toss up between Houston's Hawaiian Steak and Pancake Pantry.
I'm most excited about:
What God is doing at Sherwood.
My trademark expression is:
“In my humble and accurate opinion, which I highly respect" (I stole it from Ron Dunn)
The team I root for most is:
Ole Miss, because my dad graduated from there. A close second is Georgia because I've lived here longer than anywhere else, and because of Mark Richt. NBA - Boston Celtics, MLB - Detroit Tigers, Ryder Cup - Team USA.
My proudest moment is:
There are many. The birth of my daughters, being named an honorary member of TRUTH, having my first book published, Fireproof Your Life being named a best seller, seeing God use my wife Terri in casting and costumes for Sherwood Pictures, marriage of my oldest daughter Erin, my youngest daughter Hayley having a photo published in PEOPLE magazine, etc.
If I could, I’d:
Expand the ministry of ReFRESH® and convince churches to stop operating like a business and start believing God.
The one blog I read regularly is:
Living in the Word by Tom Elliff
I could eat:
Cheesecake every day.
What's on my iPod:
10,058 songs, 2300 podcasts, and 900 sermons.
My perfect day would be:
Enjoying the beauty of the Smoky Mountains, snowed in with a fire in the fireplace and an SEC football game on TV.
My pet peeve is:
Churches that operate in the flesh, and pastors who compromise the Word to be accepted.
My favorite childhood memory is:
Going to my grandparents' farm.
In my free time, I:
Well, in what little free time that I have, I catch up on movies and go to bookstores.
My favorite TV shows are:
Andy Griffith, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Sports Night, and MASH.
If I could do it over again, I:
There are no do-overs and life is not a dress rehearsal. But if I could, I would read the Word more, pray more, and maybe learn to relax more.

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