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Mark Willard - Senior Associate Pastor | Music

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Ministry Areas:

Ministry Assistant:
229.883.1910 x1270

Worship, Arts, Technical (Audio Recording)

Beth Haley
Follow me on Twitter @WillardMusic
My favorite character in the Bible is: David

My life verse is: Psalm 66:1-2 "Shout joyfully to God; all the earth. Sing the glory of His name;make His praise glorious."  
If I could ask God one question, it would be? Why nats?
Nobody knows that I: can bench press 350 pounds

I'm happiest when:
I am leading worship or spending time with my family

The one book (besides the Bible) I'd recommend to anyone is:
360o Leader by John Maxwell                               

My last meal would be:
I am most excited about: hugs from girls and high fives from my boys (I do hug my boys too)
My trademark expression:
The sheet music is just a's only a suggestion
My team I root for most is: University of Alabama
My proudest moment is: the day Katy said yes
If I could I'd: fly
The one blog I read regularly is: I don't read a lot of blogs, opinions are opinions
I could eat: now
My perfect day would be: Six Willards playing music together or wearing camo in a deer stand
My pet peeve is: being and others
My favorite childhood memory is: playing on our Missouri farm
In my free time, I: what is free time exactly?
My favorite TV shows are:  Andy Griffith, I Love Lucy and The Waltons
If I could do it over again I: would have bought Apple stock in the 90's.