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Sunday Schedule

8:15 am       Student Leadership Class
This class is led by Garrett Grubbs and is designed to equip
students with Leadership skills and qualities
9:30 am       Worship
Students are invited to sit together in the front left section
of the Worship Center.
11:00 am     Sunday School - Connect
Purpose: Connecting people to the body of Christ at Sherwood
Students meet in the Sherwood Acres Elementary School Cafeteria.
4:15 pm        Relevate
The Student Creative Worship Team - for students in grades 7-12
Students have opportunity to share their talents in singing, instrumentals
and dance.
5:15 pm        House of Prayer
The church comes together to participate in intercessory prayer
for church members and families in need. Prayer sheets are available
to guide you in prayer and to write prayer cards to families.
6:00 pm       Worship
Students are invited and Encouraged to sit together in the front section
of the Worship Center