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Jim Jewell - Associate Pastor | Missions & Evangelism

 Jim Jewell
   Associate Pastor | Missions, Evangelism
& Senior Adults
   229.883.1910 x1322

My favorite character in the Bible is:
My life verse is:
Romans 1:16-17
If I could ask God one question it would be:
Why did you give so many men a full head of hair?  I hate it for you guys.
Nobody knows that I:
Write all of Michael Catt’s sermons
If I could, I:
Would ask God a second question: Why did I say that I wrote all of Michael Catt’s sermons on the church website of all places?
I'm happiest when:
I’m watching my kids at Disney World (The Southern Baptist Convention boycott is over, right?)
The one book (besides the Bible) I'd recommend to anyone is:
The Finished Work of Christ by Francis A. Schaeffer
My last meal would be:
At The Columbia Restaurant – authentic Cuban cuisine
I'm most excited about:
The next 100 Sherwood mission trips
My trademark expression is:
“Take that up an octave.” (for all my trumpet friends out there...)
The team I root for most is:
Tennessee Volunteers
My proudest moment is:
When I hear one of three little voices say, “Daddy”
What’s on my iPod:
I don’t have an iPod
If I could, I’d:
Have a home on the ski slopes in Utah
The one blog I read regularly is:
I don’t read any blogs regularly.
I could eat:
My perfect day would be:
My wife would have to be perfectly happy so therefore we would have to be in Hawaii riding a helicopter looking at a giant waterfall, eating fresh pineapple.  This would be a good start anyway.
My pet peeve is:
People who don’t know how to drive
My favorite childhood memory is:
Playing in the woods
In my free time, I:
My favorite TV shows are:
American Pickers, Pawn Stars, The Andy Griffith Show
If I could do it over again, I:
Would have learned more from my dad