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The purpose of the Stewardship Ministry is to illuminate the path to financial freedom and minister the support that every person needs in challenging times. We are able to teach and train individuals using solid practical advice and the biblical financial principles established by God in His Word. We want to honor God by teaching others to become more obedient in all areas of stewardship so that they can plan for a secure future, get out or stay out of debt and, most importantly, have a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. It is our vision that every person is faithfully living by God's financial principles in every area of their lives.
At Sherwood we offer financial counseling and two Bible studies: 
These studies assist families in getting their financial houses in order. Both studies are based on biblical principles and are designed to help families learn how to manage their financial resources from a biblical perspective, budget their monies, and get out of debt.

Call John Spencer at 229-883-1910, or email him at, to learn more about this ministry.