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Crown Small Group Study

Crown’s Mission Statement: Teaching people God’s financial principles in order to know Christ more intimately and to be free to serve Him.
Objectives of the Study:
 1 – Encourage people to experience more intimate fellowship with Christ. 
 2 – Challenge each person to invite Jesus Christ to be his or her Lord. 
 3 – Build close relationships among the participants. 
 4 – Help students put their financial house in order.
Small Group Study Schedule:
Week 1 – Introduction - How We Handle Money Impacts Our Relationship with the Lord 
Week 2 – God’s Part/Our Part – Lord is Owner of All 
Week 3 – Debt – Debt is Slavery 
Week 4 – Counsel – A Wise Person Seeks Advice 
Week 5 – Honesty – God’s Standard is Absolute  
Week 6 – Giving – Giving is Blessed 
Week 7 – Work – Work Diligently as Unto the Lord 
Week 8 – Investing – Consistently Save 
Week 9 – Perspective – Spend Wisely 
Week 10 – Eternity – All Will Give and Account
Call John Spencer at 229-883-1910, or email him at, to learn more about this ministry.
The Crown web site,, can also give further information about the study.