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Beginnings is a time honored tradition and special moment in the life of Sherwood families. Parent/Child dedication has traditionally been a time where parents stand before the congregation of their home church and pledge to be the parents God intends for them to be. We have decided to make it also a time of celebration for the parents to enjoy and remember for years to come. 
To sign up to be a part of this wonderful event: 
-Email your name and contact information stating that you want to be signed up for the “Beginnings” celebration
-Call the church office at 229-883-1910 x 1211 to sign up with the children’s ministry office.
-Stop by the church office and sign up
-Or complete the following form 

"Beginnings" Sign Up
Parent's Name:      
Child's Full Name:   
Child's Birthdate:    
Contact Number:    
Contact Email:       
Please email us a picture of your child to be used on the dedication certificate to
We want to introduce your child(ren) to our congregation on the morning of the parent/child dedication. Please use the space provided below to write out a few special comments about your child, their name sake, or even a little about your story. Please write this as if it's what you want us to say word for word. We do reserve the right to shorten it if time doesn't permit the entire story to be read.